Hip Hip Oy Vey!

When your hips hurt or feel tight, your discomfort can transfer to multiple points in your body and movement is compromised or altered. Our bodies often attempt to stop the discomfort or pain by compensating or changing the natural kinetic progression, resulting in dysfunction and limiting range of motion. To add further insult, our lower backs or hamstrings sometimes ‘join the chorus’ giving us a big pain in the backside.

Our hip joints support many times the weight of our bodies due to the sheer force required to perform actions such as running or jumping. The ball-and-socket hip joint is supported by bursa, cartilage, muscles and ligaments in absorbing the impact and forces thrust upon it. Over time, repeated high impact activities can cause joint compression damage. Additionally, we may have experienced falls, sprains, IT band injury, or arthritis. There is a whole host of hip pain triggers: too many to address in one post. Over the course of the next few months I will return periodically to discuss the largest ball-and-socket joint in our bodies, the hip.

If you’ve been experiencing hip, lower back or sciatica pain the culprit just might be your piriformis muscle. The piriformis is a little muscle that can cause big problems when it becomes inflamed or trapped. I know this because it happened to me! My hip, lower back and hamstrings put a big kibosh on normal daily activities and brought my workouts to a complete halt. It all started with a long car trip and too few walk and stretch breaks. My normal stretching and movement exercises to relieve tightness and pain did nothing to help. Over the course of six months, it took the combination of a really skilled massage therapist, my chiropractor, plus a LOT of self-myofascial release to bring this pain under control.

This spine-health video provides a simple explanation of piriformis syndrome. I have also included links to articles plus videos showing how to stretch and relieve this true pain in the rear. Be patient, you won’t get overnight results. The good news is that if it ever recurs, you can start the exercises immediately.

Two of my favorites, Miranda Esmonde-White and Dr. Jo provide easy exercises that may help relieve your symptoms. Here is a mini hip pain workout from Miranda.
Dr. Jo’s video provides modified movements which can be done seated or on the floor.
Other articles you may find interesting:
Carly Fraser
For Miranda Esmonde-White’s full classical stretch DVD click on this link.

Disclaimer time: I am not a physician, but offer tips, resources, and news intended to help you live life to the max. The information in these posts are not intended to diagnose or treat injury or disease. Visit a health professional for diagnosis and treatment. To your health!!


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