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Blogging is a good start, but if you want to really rank high, you have to go to the next level…

Getting on the first page of Google is a daunting challenge for bloggers and webmasters. Google is a search engine behemoth that controls nearly 70 percent of all internet searches and ranking on its first page translates to better traffic and can make all your financial targets come true.

With everybody competing for the same prize, achieving first page results in Google is hard but not entirely impossible. You won’t need tons of cash, you just need a well-structured game plan and the patience to follow it even when things aren’t going your way.

Source: Improve your Google Rankings – Blueprint for Success | The Expand2Web Blog

Go to the source if you want the rest of Suzzane Edwards perspective on how to do it.

If you are into internet marketing, this is worth the read…

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